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Use the Cue Sheet App to help you navigate through your ride. Plan a ride using or, download the cue sheet into the Cue Sheet App and then ride!
Here is a quick tutorial.
1. Sign up for an account with (a free one will do fine).
2. Design a route.
3. Press Menu, then Accounts.Enter your username and passwor For
Account Username
4a. Download by Selecting the route on the Account or Near tab
Accounts Rides Nearby
4b. Alternatively, download by selecting the (gpx track) link on the web site or
5. Bring up the map by picking the route you want.

Note: there will be a green circle with your position and direction on the map if you have your GPS turned on. Cue Sheet always tries to keep your current position and the next turn on the screen at the same time. This means that map will automatically zoom in as you ride closer to your next turn. Once you reach your turn you can press Next and the map and instructions will update on the screen. If you accidently hit Next too soon, you can press Prev. If you have your GPS on, It'll also tell you how many miles you have until your reach the next turn and your current speed.
6. Bring up the traditional cue sheet to save your battery.
Click on "Show on Map" or the Android Back button to return to the map.
7. Enjoy your ride!
8. Give this app stars on Android Marketplace!